PAD the Yellow Authoritarian Political Movement of Thailand?

The People’s Alliance for Democracy is a minority group of elitists in Thailand. They are also known as the Yellow Shirts, affiliated with the notorious Democrat Party which took part in the 2006 coup, replacing the elected government of Thaksin, and replacing a figurehead by the name of Abhisit. Politics in Thailand went to the […]

Moronism: Yellow Shirts Burning A Scarf

Yellow Shirts are a bunch of half-wit yellow morons. The drooling mob grabbed a red scarf and tried hopelessly to burn it. They must be unfamiliar with how to use a lighter. Someone should tell them to swallow the lighters. After failing to burn the scarf, they tore into it, like hungry mindless cockroaches before going […]

Bilateral meeting: President of Myanmar and Prime Minister of Thailand

In New York, a discussion between Myanmar’s President and Thailand’s Prime Minister took place. The Dawei seaport and economical development between the two countries was on the main agenda. The meeting took place in conjunction with Yingluck’s visit to the United States of America for the 67th United Nations General Assembly, which was expected to […]

People’s Alliance for Democracy Going Violent… Again?

BANGKOK – A peaceful protest organized by the “Red Shirts” turned chaotic when an opposite group of what has been described by a by-stander as “neo-fascists” confronted the assembly. Injuries and damages to property were reported. More than 5 people, including a local journalist were rushed to the hospital, injured by hurled rocks and bottles. […]

Conflicting Truths of Justice in Thailand

The Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand (TRCT) was formed by the government of Abhisit Vejjajiva to look into the military violence in 2010. The military was summoned by Abhisit, who was the Prime Minister then, in the wake of the “Red Shirt” street protests in Bangkok. According to the declaration of protest, the Red […]

The Future of Narathiwat is in the Hands of the Present

Narathiwat, a province of southern Thailand, is flanked by its neighbors Pattani and Yala and bordering with a country that shares some cultural and language similarities, Malaysia’s Peninsula. Narathiwat has seen its fair share of historical legacy, centuries ago, vibrant and distinctive but in less than a decade this Muslim-majority province has been gripped in […]

Rapid Assessment of Thai Floods

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra made an assessment of the flood situation today. The flight survey also included the Bangchomsri water-gate and flood-prevention facilities. According to sources, the premier intends to inspect other locations tomorrow as part of the government’s rapid intervention measures. All agencies, including the military, are in the midst of providing further aid […]

Thailand Flood Monitoring System and Gossipmonger

I was very impressed when I saw the high level of commitment to monitor, respond, intervene and evaluate the flood situation and impact. I have grown disillusioned with the local Thai press. There is too much gossips and hatred shown by chin-wagging Thais. Sad to say. But a fact. The Thai community is some places […]

PM visits Ayutthaya for flood recovery work

Floodwater in Sukhothai gradually receded, thanks to the maintenance work along the Yom River according to reports last night and this morning. This morning our Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck went to the central province of Ayutthaya for an inspect of the situation there. She has already spoken to senior government personnel and the affected people […]

Abhisit is the captain of a sinking ship

Amid widespread calls for reconciliation, Abhisit Vejjajiva, the leader of the Democrat Party, has accused the government of allowing his political opponents to attack him and his cronies. Such was reported in the local news. 1. Abhisit is the unpopular captain of a sinking ship. Expectedly he will do and say anything to grap the […]

Flooding of Common Sense in Bangkok

No matter what the Prime Minister Yingluck’s Government plans to conduct in it’s national strategy on flood prevention, a small minority of panic-stricken community in Bangkok are waving their yellow fearfulness flag. It is funny because many are educated and should be able to understand the simple and workable plan-of-action. These upper-class people are incidentally […]

Criminal Court to Decide on Bail for Yossawaris

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Criminal Court has scheduled to submit a decision on September 5, whether Mr. Yossawaris Chuklom or commonly known as Jeng Dokchik, will be released on bail. Yossawaris was held in detention at the Lak Si prison. His bail was revoked on August 22 and has made an appeal for bail. Yossawaris, who […]

More violence caused by militants in South Thailand

National Security Council secretary-general Pol General Wichien Photeposri yesterday went to the deep South following more than 100 coordinated attacks, blamed on insurgents, in the four Southern border provinces on Friday. The incidents, including five bomb attacks in Narathiwat that wounded six security officials, also saw the insurgents planting the Malaysian national flags across the […]

Thailand’s Flood Prevention Plans Boost Confidence

BANGKOK – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Friday chaired the opening ceremony of the “Water Resources Management for the People” exhibition. Ms Yingluck said the government is determined to prevent a repeat of the disastrous flooding that hit Thailand last year, that had destroyed crops, damaged factories, lost of livestock and left nearly 800 people […]