Pitak Siam and their Coup from Sanity

Pitak Siam group called for another coup in Thailand. Its so typically maddening of them to do such. Retired General Boonlert leads the Pitak Siam which seeks to see a repeat of those unlawful days of democratic oppression, such as in the year 2006 when the Thai army dismantled the legal Government of Mr. Thaksin. […]

Abhisit and Suthep – Two Of A Kind from Thailand

Mr. Abhisit said that his former Government would take sole responsibility “for the mistakes, if any, resulting from the crackdown.” This was quoted in an article by the Bangkok Post on 14 October 2012. This is good news because with the evidences and his admittance there is sufficient grounds for prosecution of the ex-Prime Minister. […]

Still No Sign of Bt16 Billion Because There Are None

Anti-money laundering agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong have denied freezing the alleged “Bt16 Billion.” Accusations from immoral politicians and bewildered civic conscience people have failed to prove the existence of the Bt16 Billion. It is shameful. Politicians from the opposition have accused members of the Government and ruling party without any shred of evidence. […]

Something to think about, Mr. Ombudsman

The meaning of Ombudsman: a government official who investigates complaints by private citizens. How many complaints were lodged about Abhisit’s Government when he was the Prime Minister and after? How many investigations were made about Abhisit’s Democrat Party and them super rich cronies? How many reports disappeared into thin air with a wave of the […]

Temptation of Assuming – Thai Culture

“We have all been warned not to judge a book by its cover. But inevitably we do it anyway. Its difficult to resist the temptation of assuming that a person’s outward appearance reflects something meaningful about his or her inner personality.” A major problem with foreigners living in Thailand is some think they have the […]

Corruption: NACN is the Black Fist of Political Cronies?

16 Billion baht. NACN, or known as Nation Associate Anti-Corruption Network, claims that politicians had smuggled 16 Billion baht to Hong Kong from Thailand. NACN secretary general, Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon, claims that the Hong Kong authorities had “confiscated” the money. However the authorities in HK have denied knowledge of “16 Billion baht” NACN. There is […]

Black Shirts in Abhisit’s Closets

The murder of democracy. In 2006, the military removed Mr. Thaksin as the Prime Minister of Thailand. The Constitution was changed to suit the needs of the military-appointed government. There was no freedom of peaceful assembly. There was no elections back then. The junta-government did not allow freedom and justice. Now, under Prime Minister Ms. […]

Abhisit: Haunted by Shadows

Abhisit is a very clever sharkfin-loving politician. He is the champion of the Thai community. He knows how to turn atrocities into a righteous crusade. What has he done to uphold justice for the majority? He says he respects the wishes of the majority but he has turned our country into the plaything of PAD. […]

Corruption in the backyard of the Democrats?

Recently Democrat Party list MP Ong-art Klampaibul said eight of the government’s programmes are riddled with corruption and warns if it completes its four-year term, the country will end up being in so much debt it will be at risk of becoming bankrupt. Democrats are exhausted of evidences. Its funny but what happened to the […]