Bilateral meeting: President of Myanmar and Prime Minister of Thailand

In New York, a discussion between Myanmar’s President and Thailand’s Prime Minister took place. The Dawei seaport and economical development between the two countries was on the main agenda.

The meeting took place in conjunction with Yingluck’s visit to the United States of America for the 67th United Nations General Assembly, which was expected to end on September 29, 2012.

At the Prime Minister’s invitation, the President is quite optimistic in having the Myanmar Cabinet to participate in the future Thai-Myanmar joint committee meetings. This reflects the commitment of the two nations in economical collaboration and further enhancement of the bilateral relationship of the two governments.

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In gratitude for the crucial sincerity of Myanmar, Yingluck had thanked President Thein Sein for his continued support and good will, especially with release of 83 Thai nationals who had been detained in Myanmar.

This is an excellent start for both nations in social and economical growth within the South East Asia region.

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