Thailand Flood Monitoring System and Gossipmonger

I was very impressed when I saw the high level of commitment to monitor, respond, intervene and evaluate the flood situation and impact. I have grown disillusioned with the local Thai press.

There is too much gossips and hatred shown by chin-wagging Thais. Sad to say. But a fact.

The Thai community is some places are fighting to preserve their safety and their homes, many are working side by side with the authorities. I hate malicious gossips and you can find these blabbermouths mostly in Bangkok. They don’t care about team spirit. They just want to point fingers at those who are doing work.

Anyway the reason for this post is not to vent my sadness at the situation but to my bit for flood awareness. I like to share this site:

It may help people in understanding the latest development of the floods in our country.



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