PAD the Yellow Authoritarian Political Movement of Thailand?

The People’s Alliance for Democracy is a minority group of elitists in Thailand. They are also known as the Yellow Shirts, affiliated with the notorious Democrat Party which took part in the 2006 coup, replacing the elected government of Thaksin, and replacing a figurehead by the name of Abhisit. Politics in Thailand went to the greedy hands of PAD then which saw many human rights abuses and the suppression of freedom of expression.

PAD and the Democrats worship the belief that their members deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status and financial resources. PAD is only interested in their political and economical power. They believe the rich can rule over the poor. They are not interested in democracy.

PAD lost much of its strength as many of its members fled to support and vote for their arch-enemy, the Pheu Thai Party and its allies. The reason is simple. Many saw through the falsehood of PAD where only the rich ruled over the working class and the poor. PAD’s power source is in Bangkok, while many other provinces have always shown support for the Red Shirts.

It is no wonder that PAD’s pet allies, which included the Democrats, lost the national elections in 2011. In a democracy, the majority will determine the direction of the beloved country, Thailand. Not an elitist-group which believes in preventing Thai nationals from freedom of expression and participatory approaches.

Instead of accepting the wishes of the majority after the elections, PAD launched a series of political attacks and unrest in their stronghold. PAD seems interested to fight the lawful government of Yingluck and cause violent commotion during Thaksin’s USA visit. This is not freedom of peaceful assembly.

This is harassment which intimidates the public from their rights to a peaceful and just Thailand.


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Source: Asian Correspondent






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