Thailand’s Flood Prevention Plans Boost Confidence

BANGKOK – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Friday chaired the opening ceremony of the “Water Resources Management for the People” exhibition.

Ms Yingluck said the government is determined to prevent a repeat of the disastrous flooding that hit Thailand last year, that had destroyed crops, damaged factories, lost of livestock and left nearly 800 people dead.

The short-term water management projects were based on the advice of His Majesty the King, suggesting that there must be locations and controlled measures for water to accumulate and flow and that people must be safe and treated fairly, she added.

The project’s four components consisted of prevention, preparation, response and recovery. The prevention plan has been implement in the upstream areas using sustainable forestation methods and building of small dams.

Foreign diplomats were present during the event and had expressed confidence in the preparation and coordination.

The government has also set up a single command centre to manage flood prevention and relief operations. Additionally, it will spend more than Bt350 billion for long-term flood prevention, including ambitious construction projects such as dams, flood-ways and flood-diversion systems.

Source in CNN:


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