Flooding of Common Sense in Bangkok

No matter what the Prime Minister Yingluck’s Government plans to conduct in it’s national strategy on flood prevention, a small minority of panic-stricken community in Bangkok are waving their yellow fearfulness flag. It is funny because many are educated and should be able to understand the simple and workable plan-of-action. These upper-class people are incidentally associated with the minority rundown elitist political party called Democrats.

Obviously for political mileage they are resistant to the controlled flooding of the canals. This is merely an trial-run for the Government in anticipation of the floods in the city. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has not proven that their flood prevention projects are ready, despite what is said on their propaganda and by their online trolls.

The trial-run will not affect all the canals. The drama of some residents that were in fear of their properties and luxurious cars being swept away by such flood is totally comical and have no logic. They are more interested to get attention. Such is the way of disrupting the flow of flood prevention work.

Rather than work together for a common cause, such as in many other northern provinces, Bangkok politicians have taken advantage of the fears of the residents. Stroking the flames is counter-productive as when there is a flood, it affects everyone, rich and poor, cook and executive.

The environment can’t be controlled easily. Shouldn’t we Thais work together against the flood of water and political propaganda?


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