Civil liberty is dead in Thailand

‎Thailand army dictatorship has tightened its grip over the nation. Civil liberty does not exist under this circumstance. Further more the mass arrests and summons of political + community leaders and student activists has been seen by many as a political witch hunt to crush any opposition to the army junta iron grip.

It is an increasing worry that many more are illegally detained against their will by the army and their ruthless agents in unknown locations throughout the nation.

Support for the coup by certain factions of Bangkok prove all along that PDRC has been involve in a conspiracy to demolish democracy in Thailand. More than 6000 soldiers and security personnel were used to crush peaceful protests by pro-democracy movements. Many have questioned why the army did not protect voters from PDRC harassment during the February election.

The army central leadership fails to remember that all their soldiers come from the population. This coup is temporary and it only takes a spark within the army to make them realise that their leaders do not represent the majority.

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