Thaksin Honoured with ABLF Statesman Award

The glittering Asian Business Leadership Forum Awards ceremony took place on November 27, 2012 under the royal patronage of Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research. The ABLF Statesman Award was presented to 17 outstanding achievers of government and public service whose innovative approach to the crucial development of […]

Aspiration of The First Woman Prime Minister of Thailand

Since the early 1970s, Thailand has seen many military-coups and political unrest. The introduction of the first female Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, into the shifting social environment has raised a few eye brows, particularly with her landslide electoral victory over the Democrat Party’s control of the government in 2011. Abhisit Vejjajiva’s unpopularity was caused by the […]

Censure Debate that Led to Nowhere

Regardless of what the Democrat Party would tell you, the censure debate proved to be a futile campaign against Prime Minister Yingluck and her government. Some of the Democrat politicians were still harping on issues that have no relevance to Yingluck’s capacity in managing the government or Thailand’s resources. I find the whole exercise a […]

Santi Asoke Consorting With Pitak Siam

Santi Asoke is a deviant group of self-proclaimed monks. They showed their support for anti-democracy by participating in the Nov 24 rally organized by Pitak Siam. Their right in associating themselves with any organization must be acknowledged but that in itself is a self-defeating act of being impartial, as Pitak Siam is a neo-fascist group […]

CCTV Footage: Confrontational Pitak Siam Demonstrators

You can see from this CCTV footage that the barricades and barb wires were removed from an aggressive group of Pitak Siam demonstrators. They clearly know what they were doing, and with the intent for a face-off with the riot police, despite the warnings of the police to stop and return back to the main […]

Pitak Siam: Into the Abyss of Democratic Demise

Bangkok is preparing for the return of the infamous neo-fascist ultra-right group, Pitak Siam (Protecting Siam). From the police force to members of the general public, that name carries confusion and the hint of pandemonium. However this time the boundaries of politics have changed, Thailand saw Pitak Siam declaring their intent to forcibly remove the […]