One Year On, Yingluck Moving Forward

The government of Thailand celebrates their success in the land of smiles. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her ministers had performed well during the government’s first year in office, despite the critical reviews of the weakening opposition. Yingluck has proven to the people that she is able to manage many of the country’s administrative challenges […]

Snipers, Army and DSI – where is Justice?

The department of special investigation (DSI) plans to ask the army to produce firearms for examination. The firearms were used by “snipers” during the 2010 crackdown on the red-shirt allies. The army are denying that they had snipers, shooting the people on the roads of Bangkok. But this doesn’t explain why so many people died, […]

Thailand Tackling Corruption at the Core

Recently Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinatwatra launched an anti-corruption campaign of her government. Her pledges are timely, especially when Thailand is seeking foreign trade and investments. The shift of commitment, from the previous government’s careless, and often futile calls to eradicate corrupted practices to a more energetic declaration. The obvious difference was the former Prime […]

Thailand’s 2010 Crackdown Probe: Who gave the green light?

New York-based Human Rights Watch issued a statement urging Thailand’s army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha to stay out of the probe into the deaths of more than 90 people killed during a nine-week anti-government protest in Bangkok that ended with a military crackdown in 2010. The protests by the “Red Shirts” movement had crippled the metropolis, […]

Running for governorship of Bangkok

Former police chief Sereepisut Temiyavej has confirmed his intention to run for the high-anticipated position of Bangkok governor under the Bangkok Power (Palang Krungthep) banner. A flamboyant self-styled graft-buster who toe-stepping-style whether with powerful politicians or godfathers of organized crime throughout his career, Sereepisut will be challenging Sukhumbhand Paribatra. The incumbent Democrat governor’s first four-year […]

Media Spin by the Fraternity of Lies

All Thais would agree that their mainstream media sways to the tunes of politicians and the gossip hungry society. Never leave out the corporations and businessmen who controls the writers,editors and journalists. Many reporters are only eager for exaggerated news and fulfilling the demands of their pay-masters. 1. How accountable is the media? Or have […]

Corruption in Thailand

According to many foreigners and locals, its impossible to rid Thailand of corruption. Decades of corrupted practices, people say its already part of the “Thai culture” and deeply ingrained in the psyche of the community. 1. Its a uphill battle against corruption, just like many nations, but Prime Minister Yingluck’s effort is noble based on […]