PM visits Ayutthaya for flood recovery work

Floodwater in Sukhothai gradually receded, thanks to the maintenance work along the Yom River according to reports last night and this morning.

This morning our Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck went to the central province of Ayutthaya for an inspect of the situation there. She has already spoken to senior government personnel and the affected people about the floods and recovery work.

According to reports, Yingluck will then travel to Nakhon Sawan and Sukhothai to assess the flood situation and the repaired levees.

Besides government staff and volunteers from the general public, the recovery work also include more than 500 soldiers. They had worked long and hard to set up gabions which is to reinforce the barrier of big bags weighing about 2.5 tonnes each. 1,000 sandbags were also used to strengthen the flood barrier.

The team had also mobilized more than 50 pumps to drain water in flooded areas. Vehicles can now safely navigate through many of the roads hit by flooding and many of the local businesses have resumed their trade.

It is crucial that Thais show their team spirit in the face of natural disasters.


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