Abhisit is the captain of a sinking ship

Amid widespread calls for reconciliation, Abhisit Vejjajiva, the leader of the Democrat Party, has accused the government of allowing his political opponents to attack him and his cronies. Such was reported in the local news.

1. Abhisit is the unpopular captain of a sinking ship. Expectedly he will do and say anything to grap the attention of the minority in Bangkok.

2. The Democrat Party failed to serve to the needs of the Thai community when they were in power. It is not a surprise that their opponents are expressing factual issues about their non-performance and their repeated failures. This is democracy isn’t it?

3. When Abhisit was in power as the Prime Minister of Thailand, he failed to allow his opponents to express themselves. The media and press was controlled by his cronies and disallowed any freedom of expression.

4. Now finally democracy has caughted up with Abhisit and his circle of friends. They are not used to democracy and they never will.

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