More violence caused by militants in South Thailand

National Security Council secretary-general Pol General Wichien Photeposri yesterday went to the deep South following more than 100 coordinated attacks, blamed on insurgents, in the four Southern border provinces on Friday.

The incidents, including five bomb attacks in Narathiwat that wounded six security officials, also saw the insurgents planting the Malaysian national flags across the region, in a purported attempt to symbolically link the region with Malaysia’s independence day celebrations.

As he left Bangkok, Wichien said the trip was to check on the implementation of the nine-point strategy, especially the seven safety-zone measures, the progress of CCTV camera installations and security manpower management. He will report back to PM Yingluck Shinwatra. Speaking about the coordinated attacks, Wichien said it was not an intelligence failure.

After an urgent meeting with related officials, Wichien disclosed that the insurgents and sympathisers on Friday carried out more than 400 activities, mostly minor acts such as raising Malaysian flags and bomb hoaxes.

He said Thai-Malaysian relations remained unaffected by the insurgents’ attempts to cause a bilateral conflict.


1. These militants are purposely stirring trouble. Not just by killing the civilians and soldiers but also trying to get Malaysia involved with their selfish agenda.

2. If they truly seek solutions to their problems, why don’t they seek a dialogue with Prime Minister Yingluck’s government.

3. They want chaos in the south provinces, nothing more.





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