Eight Years of Failure: Will We See Change in Bangkok?

For the past 8 years, the Democrat Party ruled Bangkok, a cross-political irony that has been playing out Bangkokians. In the city, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s, or BMA for short, response to the sluggish development of a financial Armageddon was to, and seen as illegal and unlawful, the extension of the BTS contract. This was a self-described as […]


Smells like Bangkok Cronyism

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) established Krungthep Thanakom Co to oversee its business operations. But it was reported on January 16  that the Department of Special Investigation has proceeded with charging the scandalous extension of the contract which needed the prior approval of the interior minister. The unauthorized extension is seen by many as an illegitimate […]

Thai Corruption: BMA in Hot Soup Again

“The BMA insists that the legal aspects of the project (the Bangkok Transit System Co) were thoroughly inspected before it was carried out.” Sukhumbhand said. The incumbent Governor of Bangkok is facing DSI charges of making an unauthorised contract with BTSC to operate extensions to the skytrain system, without the permission from Thailand’s interior minister. […]

Bangkok Election: Urbanites are Worried about the Future

Sukhumbhand Paribatra‘s term as governor of Bangkok expires on January 10, 2013. He is well known for his erratic behavior, one of the most memorable was his promise to sue FIFA for a blunder that Democrat-friendly contractors did with the Futsal Stadium in the city. The rapid growth of Bangkok has a heavy price tag, […]

Bangkok Governor receiving a Red Card on the Futsal Stadium

The scandal of an unfinished Futsal Stadium was bad enough on the image of Thailand, and the rubbing of salt on festering wounds was worse when FIFA rejected the use of the stadium for official matches. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), led by the Governor, was and still is responsible for the completion of the stadium. […]


Democrats escaping public scrutiny of their own foul deeds

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) of Thailand is planning to investigate alleged corruption on the ministers of Yingluck’s government. Two sub-committees were set up to probe the allegations in a petition submitted by a group of MPs from the Democrat Party. NACC plans to look into the unsupported corruption claims with the trade of rice to the […]

Corruption in the backyard of the Democrats?

Recently Democrat Party list MP Ong-art Klampaibul said eight of the government’s programmes are riddled with corruption and warns if it completes its four-year term, the country will end up being in so much debt it will be at risk of becoming bankrupt. Democrats are exhausted of evidences. Its funny but what happened to the […]

Thailand Tackling Corruption at the Core

Recently Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinatwatra launched an anti-corruption campaign of her government. Her pledges are timely, especially when Thailand is seeking foreign trade and investments. The shift of commitment, from the previous government’s careless, and often futile calls to eradicate corrupted practices to a more energetic declaration. The obvious difference was the former Prime […]