Thai Corruption: BMA in Hot Soup Again

“The BMA insists that the legal aspects of the project (the Bangkok Transit System Co) were thoroughly inspected before it was carried out.” Sukhumbhand said.

The incumbent Governor of Bangkok is facing DSI charges of making an unauthorised contract with BTSC to operate extensions to the skytrain system, without the permission from Thailand’s interior minister.

In May of 2012, Sukhumbhand failed to provide justification to the House Committee on why BMA granted a 30-year extension of the concession, which has a value of THB 187 billion.

The legality of BMA’s authority in the approval has been questioned repeated by concerned members of society and the Pheu Thai party. Others believe corruption is at play.

In October 2012, the Special Cases Committee had agreed to accept eight cases for the DSI to investigate, one of which is the BTSC extension. The others included East Water’s donation for flood relief through the Democrat Party, the purchase of ineffective GTX2000 and Alpha 6 bomb detectors.

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