Bangkok Governor receiving a Red Card on the Futsal Stadium

The scandal of an unfinished Futsal Stadium was bad enough on the image of Thailand, and the rubbing of salt on festering wounds was worse when FIFA rejected the use of the stadium for official matches.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), led by the Governor, was and still is responsible for the completion of the stadium. Disgraced and in a fit of rage, the unpredictable Governor had threatened to sue FIFA for not using the poorly constructed stadium. No fault of FIFA as the stadium didn’t have basic facilities for players and the audience – safety standards of the venue was disgustingly absent.

Stadium BKK

Even though BMA was given sufficient time and resources to complete the task, the Governor and his privileged circle of contractors had utterly failed. National pride, thanks to over-confidence and boastful words of the Governor, went down the dirty drains of Bangkok.

It is not surprising to see politicians and concerned members of society lodging complaints about possible corruption and perverted unprofessionalism of BMA. Too many people are talking about it, much less wondering where tax-payers money went to, or did it just disappear into someone’s pocket.

This is not just hearsay, as many individuals within the Democrat Party, which incidentally supports the Governor’s re-election bid for 2013, have been known to engage in corrupted practises when Abhisit was the Prime Minister. I support all calls for justice, specially on the eradication of corruption.

In the mean time let’s watch the kick-off the Futsal Stadium scandal and BMA’s involvement in what truly deserves a red-card.

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