Corruption in the backyard of the Democrats?

Recently Democrat Party list MP Ong-art Klampaibul said eight of the government’s programmes are riddled with corruption and warns if it completes its four-year term, the country will end up being in so much debt it will be at risk of becoming bankrupt.

Democrats are exhausted of evidences.

Its funny but what happened to the escalating corrupted practises during Abhisit’s rule? I still remember how projects were awarded to cronies and the families within PAD.

Corruption was never tackled by PAD’s government then, in fact there was no evidence of national anti-corruption strategies. Weren’t some Thais and foreigners who showed favor to PAD and Democrats during the army coup 2006 were awarded with business projects and money? I think you know the answer to that.

The Democrats are out of touch with reality. They and their PAD allies do not constructively build national unity and reconciliation. They do believe in superstitious behaviors and giving back to those who give them blind loyalties.

The Yellows are busy throwing mud at Yingluck’s government so that they can hide their past questionable practices and their love for nepotism.


One thought on “Corruption in the backyard of the Democrats?

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