Security guard attacked, detained by PDRC supporters

‎Mr. Yuem Nillar says he was beaten, tied-up and dumped into a river by PDRC protest guards. (Images from Policespokesmen Facebook)

The victim, a security guard at a company in Bangkok, said he was resting in Lumpini Park after finishing work on the morning of Feb 24 when 2 PDRC “guards” approached him demanding that he submit to a search.

According to information posted on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Transport’s Transport Safety Centre, the men found a card issued in 2010 showing that Mr. Yuem was a member of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), so they detained him at the PDRC rally site, where he was later questioned by anti-democracy protest leader Somchai Issara.

Mr. Yuem claimed he was attacked, tied-up and illegally detained in a PDRC tent for 5 days until Saturday evening, when he was blindfolded and led into a pickup truck, which took him to a bridge crossing the Bang Pakong River in Chachoengsao province.

The public have reported many cases of intimidation and violence committed by PDRC guards and supporters. Criminal activities, such as using drugs and robbery, have also been reported. PDRC has denied the allegations despite the assailants wearing official PDRC guard ID tags and photographic evidences.

Human rights advocates have argued that PDRC employs criminals and ex-soldiers to maintain discipline and security within the compounds of the rally sites. Confrontation between armed PDRC ‎and the Royal Thai Police have been reported in the international and local media for the past few months.

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