Special discounts for PDRC supporters in a private hospital

‎The political crisis in Thailand has generated discriminatory practices within the health care sector.

Pro-government and United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) supporters condemned Dr Rienthong Nanna, director of Mongkutwattana General Hospital in Chaeng Watthana after he declared on his Facebook on Saturday that his privately-run hospital would give special privileges to “friends and family members who share the same ideology as the PDRC and its allies”‎.

The hospital is offering discounts to People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) supporters on Tuesday. Despite the discrimination based on political allegiance Dr Rienthong believes that it was his right to offer patients special privileges which include being allowed to stay in a standard room for one day free of charge, and receiving a 10% discount rate.

Discrimination practices is a violation of the code of conduct of medical practitioners. ‎In the circle of doctors, some have openly supported PDRC’s call for the overthrow of democracy as they felt that the people below the middle class, specially in the rural are ignorant of the political situation and the working class should not be given the right to vote. This was seen during the 4 months occupation of the “Bangkok Shutdown” street mob protests, which was co-led by the opposition party, the Democrats.

The board of directors of the private hospital were not available for comments on the announcement of discriminatory discounts.

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