Thai EC approves 20 billion baht to pay rice farmers

‎The Election Commission has given approval for the Caretaker Government to disburse 20 billion baht from the Central Fund, a contingency budget, to pay farmers long-overdue money for pledged rice crops.

Election management commissioner Mr. Somchai Srisuthiyakorn posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

A member of Thailand's Election Commission

A member of Thailand’s Election Commission

The farmers have been unpaid for the past few months. The EC ruling had prevented the Caretaker Government from releasing the payments following the declaration of Feb 2 ‎national poll.

A source in the EC said the approval of payment was because of the increasing pressure against the commission. Critics have argued on the neutral status of the EC, as the “independent organisation” has been seen siding with PDRC to ignite a “judiciary coup” to install an unelected council.

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