The Yellow Stream of Yoke – Eggheads

Wasteful. These PAD supporters want the government to increase the price of eggs in Thailand even when they know that many are not within the income group. If the price is raised to the demands of these greedy merchants then what about the working class and people with low income?

The greed of businessmen affiliated with the Yellow Shirts are only interested in their profit margin.

The protest was held near the government building. It started peaceful but led to this disgusting behavior of dumping eggs on the street. Is this not wasteful?

The PAD supporters didn’t clean the streets after they tarnished the road with broken eggs and a stream of yoke. The public cleaners ended up with the mess of The Yellow Stream of Yoke.

The Blue Sky channel is the propaganda arm of the Democrats and PAD. They showed their support for the protest. Blue Sky channel is only interested in supporting the greed of corporations and businessmen.


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