Post-Songkran Thoughts about PDRC and Democracy

Suthep Thaugsuban’s hatred for the Shinawatra knows no limit. The PDRC chief has sent a barrage of hate speech, defamatory and sexist remarks on to Ms. Yingluck and her brother Mr. Thaksin, while Suthep’s allies take potshots at the children of the Shinawatra. Jeers are met with cheering, whistle blowing and cat-calls. The cheering are from mainly middle class supporters of Suthep, that being from Bangkok and they would not have anyone being elected to lead the country.

The Democrat Party and PDRC have been heavily criticized by the international community for their ultra monarchist intentions, specially with the oldest political party’s heavy handed use of censorship during and after the 2010 crackdown in Bangkok. We wonder if the anti-democratic forces are successful in removing Yingluck and her caretaker Government, what will become of our beloved Thailand. Will Suthep, who declared himself as “Coup Leader” no so long ago be able to manage a country without participation of the people? His so-called reforms have not been elaborated until today and critics question on Suthep’s unelected council? Will Parliament survive? Will he call in the army to stamp out any opposition to his dictatorship? Even today we see on the news of PDRC members standing side by side with the Democrat Party clapping at Suthep’s outrageous speeches of derailing democratic values. It appears that the so-called educated opposition support the ambition of PDRC’s chief.

To what end?


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