Final battle is upon us, indicates PDRC fascist chief

Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban told supporters of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee to brace for the “final battle” and wait for his signal after the Songkran festival. The PDRC neo-fascist chief said he was confident that the battle would end by the end of this month (April) and “the people will triumph because the situation has ripened.”

Suthep, a former Deputy Prime Minister under the Abhisit regime, addressed his mainly middle class supporters at Lumpini park on Sunday night repeating his willingness to stand as the “Coup Leader” and become the unelected administrator of the country. PDRC is seen by critics as the offshoot of the Democrat Party but beyond the control of Abhisit.

The PDRC chief had also asked his dwindling supporters to keep their whistles as a reminder of their commitment, as Thai citizens, toward the “well-being of this country” even if the democratically elected Yingluck Government was eliminated. His supporters continued chanting for Yingluck and Shinawatra family leave Thailand forever.


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