PDRC rallies at Thai foreign ministry and national bank

Over 1000 members of neo-fascist group, People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) arrived at the Foreign Ministry Thursday morning for a rally. The mob protected by their PDRC guards demanded that the Government not invite the United Nations secretary-general to interfere in the internal affairs of Thailand.

PDRC chief Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban threatened repercussions if national sovereignty was affected by foreign Governments and organisations. Mr. Suthep also promised to remove the Government, stop elections and eventually install a puppet regime called the People’s Council. Critics have condemned Mr. Suthep’s strong arm tactics in derailing democracy in Thailand.

After the mob rallied at the Foreign Ministry, they left to harass the Bank of Thailand. It is believed that Mr. Suthep is pressured by the hidden powers to hasten the overthrow of the legitimately elected Government. Some critics have blamed the Democrat Party for sponsoring the PDRC armed mob.

In recent months, talks of separatism and the abolishment of democracy have lead to more rumours of civil war. The pro-democracy movement have called for dialogue and refrain from violence. But PDRC and the Democrats responded that for democracy to work is ‎by limiting electoral system, such as disallowing uneducated people to vote. This was supported by the mainly middle class followers of Democrats who feel that the northern farmers are easily swayed by corruption.

Human right defenders have condemned the PDRC and their allies for the increasing tensions. Most believe that PDRC aims to abolish democratic systems, and to return to absolute monarchy.

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