Democrat leader wants PDRC chief Suthep to be in the limelight

‎Mr. Abhisit said he believed Mr. Suthep would not turn down an invitation to a talk with caretaker Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra if it is broadcast live on TV.

The leader of the Democrat Party, Mr. Abhisit said if no talk is held, the problem will continue because the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) could continue to protest to demand reforms before the next election will be held.

As many in the country know that Democrats and PDRC have no intention at peace. Mr. Abhisit is facing mass murder chargers while Mr. Suthep has avoiding appearing in court. The minority political party is not able to win in a fair election because their power base is only in Bangkok.

The only way for Democrats to win is if there was no democracy. Mr. Abhisit supported the army coup of 2006 and Mr. Suthep had co-ordered the killings of “Red Shirt” demonstrators in 2010. Nearly 100 people died as a result of army crackdown.

Many Thais consider Mr. Abhisit’s proposed talks broadcast live ‎is a way for Mr. Suthep to continue spreading hate speeches about the majority popular PM Yingluck. The distraction tactics will not work in a country that has had enough of brute army force and the lies of the Democrat Party leadership.


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