What is wrong with Thai democracy?

‎While the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) parade through the roads of Bangkok, the Democrats continue with the assumption that democracy is dead is Thailand. The lost of faith in democratic process comes from the sole fact that the oldest political party in the country is not confident to win the majority vote if they entered into the polls.

So rather than face the embarrassing disgrace, the Democrats throw it’s support on the neo-fascist movement to derail democracy.

Democracy is a process. Boycotting democracy does not add credibility to all the politicians of the Democrat Party. Rejecting democracy tantamount to betraying the Constitution.

Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban is back on the roads of Bangkok. He is accompanied by his armed mob and the mainly middle class of the Democrat Party. Until today he has failed to elaborate on his reform plans except to repeat that he will install an unelected council to replace the Government. Critics fear that Mr. Suthep’s intention will spark a civil war between the north and Bangkok as PDRC-related violence in the city has escalated.

If PDRC and the Democrat Party continue rejecting the Rule of Law and Democracy System then the prime question is why should Thailand accept the ambition of a few politicians over the choice of the majority.


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