Lets not have an election, says the Democrat Party

Democrat Party Spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut pleaded with all political party members and those in the coalition government to take one step back and not be so eager to host another general election in the near future. He further stated that the solution to the country’s problems is not in the hands of the Democrats, but the general public’s.

It is interesting that this is the belief of a political party that claims to represent rights and democracy. The boycott of the election on February 2 of this year was not in line with democratic process. The Democrats had even supported neo-fascist movement such as PDRC to forcibly halt people who wanted to exercise their rights to vote. Has the Democrats forgotten the Constitution says it is mandatory for Thais to vote?

The Democrats are still spinning lies. In any democracy, an election is the root of the solution to many political crisis. In Thailand, the Democrats and PDRC prevented the rights of the public to vote for their choice. Violence and intimidation was used against peace-loving Thais.


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