Opposition to continue boycotting the ballot box

Thailand’s general election held in February was declared invalid Friday after disruption by opposition mob, setting the scene for possible talks between warring political parties about new polls to end the deadlock. While the ruling from the Constitutional Court further delays the formation of a new Government, it also offers a possible exit from the political stalemate — if the opposition agrees to end its boycott of the ballot box.

The country’s Election Commission said it planned to propose talks between political party leaders about a new election date, which has been rejected by the leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee. Mr. Suthep has denounced all forms of dialogues and insist that the elected Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck resigns. He further ordered Ms. Yingluck and all the members of the Shinawatra family to leave Thailand. The supporters of Ms. Yingluck’s and pro-democracy movements fear she will be removed from office before another vote is held. 


Prime Minister of Thailand meeting officials on agricultural zoning at Pathum Thani Rice Research Center


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