Bombs at home of constitutional court judge

‎Two grenades were fired near the Ekamai area home of Constitution Court judge Jaran Pakdithanakul late Thursday, missing the justice but wounding a man in his own nearby house.

Acts of violence are common in Bangkok specially since the presence of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) started the street riots and Bangkok Shutdown protests in order to remove the then elected Government. PDRC chief Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban aims to remove democratic process and install an unelected council. He has repeatedly said that his mob is unarmed and non-violent despite the attacks committed by his hired armed “guards” and by navymen who support his cause.

Critics warned that the PDRC’s tactics will affect public order, and disrupt the economy. ‎Some have called PDRC as an anarchist movement which has failed to explain in detail their so-called “reform” plans.

As long as PDRC fails to obey the rule of law, critics predict the continued lawlessness by his mainly middle class supporters.


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