Independent agencies and their flirtatious attitude with favouritism

‎Two giant firecrackers were dropped on Rama 4 Road near an army checkpoint early Wednesday, causing one explosion but no known damage.

While the Constitutional Court is in the firm mindset that the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) is peaceful, the public and law enforcement must suffer the daily acts of violence and intimidation. The Thai neo-fascist group is far from peaceful.

With disbelief, the public cannot understand why the court officials choose to treat PDRC with special silk gloves.

Favouritism in the evil aspect of “independent” agencies. While these organisations claim to be neutral they are in fact siding with one party and exhibiting tendencies that display their political design.

Critics have long argued that as long as “independent” agencies show favouritism then the Rule of Law echoes hollow. This creates bad precedence because the public will loose their respect for the agencies. If Rule of Law was produced with intention to uphold human rights then what happens to the country when the public disregards them altogether?

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