Capacity Assessment of Anti-Corruption Agencies

Writing about corruption in Thailand is never an easy feat. The overwhelming world of corruption was made popular by the co-leaders of neo-fascist group like People’s Democratic Reform Committee. They said, it is acceptable when corrupted practices are small in comparison to larger corruption. This is a blend of Thai acceptance of corruption where the independent organizations are visibly accommodating to small corruption as long as they are not caught and themselves are profiting from the criminal transactions. Even the Democrat politicians are mouthing ethics but keep silent on the skeletons in their closets. (See: Diaries of Democrats and Deceivers)

Recommended Read: Shortcomings of the National Anti-Corruption Agencies

The UNDP document (in PDF) Capacity Assessment of Anti-Corruption Agencies is a good tool to begin evaluating the functions and purpose of Thailand’s national anti-corruption body. In the era of modernization and globalization, we must not leave complete trust to so-called “independent organizations” as officials are prone to favoritism and worse the negative effects of the corrupted mind.

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