12 nations, an armada trying to locate missing #MH370 Malaysian jet

A dozen nations, that includes Thailand, are involved with the search operation for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight.

According to the Malaysian Transport Minister, Mr. Hishammuddin Hussein, the operation has expanded to two areas and is now covering almost 50,000 square kilometres.

An estimate of 42 ships and 39 aircraft had been deployed in search operations. He said the search effort for the missing plane with 239 people on board was “unprecedented” and that authorities would continue searching until they found it. The Minister repeatedly gave his assurance to the families of passengers and crew that no efforts would be spared in finding the plane.

Critics have blamed Malaysia’s Government for failing to provide adequate information to the families of the missing passengers and crew of the national airlines. On Monday, stocks of the Malaysian Airlines fell as confidence declined based on speculation of a crash or an alleged terrorist ‎involvement.

China’s growing pressure upon Malaysia has forced the Government to accept all offers of assistance. It has been said that the Government lacks the political will to allocate resources to the urgent recovery operation, although this has been dismissed by officials.

At a glance on international news, the Government, led by Prime Minister, Mr. Najib Razak, appears to be grasping at straws on the next course of action.

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