The Democrat Strikes Back

The Thai political crisis is being exacerbated by a corrupted opposition party. The Democrat Party’s failure to comply with ethical standards and corruption scandals have forced their former Members of Parliament and senators to distract the public.

Distractions resulted in their official support to boycott the Feb 2 poll. The Democrat’s civil disobedience is in a direct violation of the Constitution that they have fought to uphold in the past. As dictated in the Constitution, all adults must vote in a Royal-endorsed national election.

The Democrat Party’s support for neo-fascist group, the ‘People’s Democratic Reform Committee’ (led by a former Democrat MP), to derail the polls by physically blocking voters led to violent post-election confrontation. PDRC’s objective to overthrow democracy has forced the Thai army to assigned regular patrols in Bangkok in order to “protect the protesters”.

Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, the opposition leader and an ex-PM, has acknowledged in the past that winning the poll was not possible because the party has the support of only the Bangkok middle class. He is also facing mass murder charges when his regime instructed the army to crack down on “Red Shirt” demonstrators in 2010, which led to the deaths and injuries of both demonstrators and bystanders.

The Democrat Party’s extensive lobbying has prevented a solution to the political crisis in the country. ‎Yesterday on Thai radio, academics argued the only solution is for a coup (judiciary or army) to “restart” Thailand. Critics argue that a coup does not solve underling problems and this non-democratic intervention is not in the best interest of the public.

PDRC chief, Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban, has repeated his declaration that his organisation will continue harassing ‎the Shinawatra family until they leave Thailand. The neo-fascist group has taken right wing actions to enable their ally, Democrat Party, to lead the way in ruling Thailand with an unelected council.

On Tuesday night at the rally site, Mr. Suthep collected donations from other groups, to fund his crusade. ‎One man was seen on stage bowing on his knees to Mr. Suthep. This symbolic gesture towards a non-royalty drew heavy criticism from netizens, both local and foreign. Some went as far as saying that Mr. Suthep views himself as the saviour of Thailand, while others remarked that the PDRC has lost focus and is now a comical Suthep Show.

In the meantime Mr. Abhisit has been seen with some ex-army officers. Frequent night secret meetings conclude that the Democrat Party is in league with anti-democratic forces to make plans about the eventual return to corrupt power.

Armed PDRC "guards" doing what they do best.

Armed PDRC “guards” doing what they do best.

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