Diaries of Democrats and Deceivers

The Democrat Party has tons to say about corruption of others but are silent when it comes to the corrupted practices of their members and their families. Let us look at Mr. Atavit Suwanpakdee. He is a young politician, an influential crony among the special circles of the Democrat Party.  He has on many occasion spoken about alleged corruption in Ms. Yingluck’s Caretaker Government. What he has not admitted to Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban‘s adoring supporters is that his own mother was implicated in a corruption case involving unaccountable loans.

Atavit Suwanpakdee hides his mother's corruption and crimes in his closet

Atavit Suwanpakdee hides his mother’s corruption and crimes in his closet

His mother, Mrs. Pakanee Suwanpakdee was a Vice Managing Director of First Bangkok City Bank. From the financial crisis of 1997, she was charged in court for her dubious loan management. She was out of jail on bail. She fled Thailand, which is a common practice of many convicted criminals of the Democrat Party. As for the bank, it collapsed.

Years later, the criminal case proceedings expired in October 2013. Atavit’s mother is back in Thailand, enjoying the middle upper class life befitting her station. She’s a “free” woman. Her self-exiled experience in another country, away from the arms of the law is what many Thais call a holiday for someone who has the wealth to defeat the laws of the land.

Pakanee and her family are not victims of circumstances. There was no political conspiracy to frame her for her actions. Like many corporate captains, she succumbed to her own greed. She cheated, she destroyed a bank and thousands of account holders were caught unprepared by her crime.

So why is it that her son and other politicians from Thailand’s oldest opposition party, ironically called the Democrat Party, talking about corruption when they have done nothing to redeem themselves of their financial mismanagement? Maybe they are trying to shield their shady past with more lies?

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