We don’t support separatism, says Thai PM Yingluck

The deep political differences in Thailand which caused a crisis that has been going on for months now has inspired some pro-government groups in the north and northeast to call for the country to be split into two.

However, Thailand’s caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra stated that she did not support the call by these groups to split the country which has seen the crisis claiming the lives of 22 people and left hundreds injured.

“We don’t support the separatist campaign,” she said when asked to comment on the calls to divide the country, widely suspected to be from the pro-government Red Shirts members.

Yingluck said the government supported investigations by the military into the matter as it was their duty, but called for the probe to cover all sides.

“It needs to be investigated and I don’t believe it (separation of the country) will happen. I would like to see Thailand to be “one”. Even in the southern conflict we also use talks to resolve the same problem,” she told the media after visiting members of the police force at the Police Sports Club where the Centre for Maintaining For Peace and Order (CMPO)is housed, here Monday.

The campaign to divide the country is taking place in some provinces in the north and northeast parts of Thailand, which are strongholds of the Pheu Thai Party, and last week banners were seen in those parts demanding the country to be split.

The country has been facing a separatist movement in the south for years now and which have killed thousands of people.

Yingluck said justice was the most important to resolve the problem of separation, not to make people feel that they are different.

“The justice process can go ahead but it needs to be fair and follow the legal steps so that we will not face the problem (of separation),” she added.



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