Iran: Travel Advisory to Thailand

The Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Monday warned the country’s nationals to avoid taking unnecessary trips to Thailand. The warning came in the wake of growing anti-government protests in Thailand, where armed demonstrators have for months pushed for the resignation of Caretaker Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra.

“This is to inform the Iranian nationals that due to the emergency conditions in Thailand and prolonged unrests in some parts of that country they are recommended to avoid unnecessary travels to the Southeast Asian nation until the conditions are back to normal in there,” the statement said.

It noted that most of the hotels in Bangkok where Iranians are residing are located near the areas where clashes erupt between the protesters and the police. Also, elaborating on other causes of issuing the travel alert, the statement said Iranians go shopping without considering the extent of the unrests in Thailand, implying that they might be entangled in demonstrations unwillingly.


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