High talk of separatism. Who is fueling the fear in the hearts of Thais?

Monday evening saw Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban, PDRC chief, returning to the stage after a dramatic pause to his schedule, as one PDRC spokesman said, “He has sore throat.”

Mr. Suthep took the stage, mocking the “Red Shirt” movement for talking about separatism, between the geographical politics off Thailand. His rhetoric reflects the dual nature of his political showmanship but his dwindling supporters cheered him on.

On Monday the news carried stories of outrage and condemnation by key political and army figures. They vented against the responses of the “Red Shirt” movement, which consist mainly of Thais from the north.

The Reds seem to be focused on protecting democracy and their choice of Government. The so-called People’s Democratic Reform Committee are interested in overthrowing the democratic legislative bodies and if successful will install an unelected council. Critics are worried should the insurrection happen, the country’s ‎framework would drastically change from democracy to absolute monarchy. Civil liberty as we know it would be a thing of the past.

Mr. Suthep and members of PDRC have often said that they intend to drive the Shinawatra family and all those who support Caretaker Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck out of Thailand. As part of PDRC propaganda it has resulted in many living in total fear of their safety (this author included) and homes. Being forced out of one’s country is not what many want but are bravely willing to protect themselves and their land against neo-fascist conquest.

While in the “Deep South” where politicians affiliated and aligned with PDRC’s ally, the Democrat Party, ‎separatists have for longer than a decade engaged in terrorism to reestablish a “Islamic Pattani Kingdom” and remove itself from Thailand. The question we have is why have the Democrats allowed such separatists ‎to grow, specially when their politicians have control over these provinces? Why have the former MPs of the Democrat Party failed to proactively react to this crusade of separation?

Mr. Suthep and some influential figures have failed to condemn the repeated violence in the “Deep South” and the insurrection caused by militant Pattani terrorists. Critics have laid the blame on PDRC’s selective memory, which serves to benefit only the Democrat Party.

Talks of separatism ‎is not unheard of within the ranks of PDRC. The blatant attacks on the country’s legislative authority and democracy have left many puzzled at PDRC efforts to overthrow a legitimate Government. For the past four months the armed insurrection in the streets of Thailand’s capital city is a vicious defiance against the rule of law. The hate speeches which draws upon the psychological insecurity of the middle class threaten public security. The boasts of PDRC leaders increase public fears of a civil war. Are these acts not separatism in nature?

The Democrat Party’s propaganda arm, Blue Sky, a media network supported by elitists and tycoons, try to minimise the damage to Mr. Suthep’s disgraceful public persona. Editors of Blue Sky make every attempt to disseminate right wing propaganda to heighten public fear. Journalism does not exist in Blue Sky, and have been replaced by the political greed of flaming the wildfire.

It is ironic that despite PDRC’s anti-democracy crusade, some of the academics and corporate sector are supporting Mr. Suthep and his separatism vision. Elitism and Thai higher education (to some who studied abroad) proves to be the embodiment of the minority ruling over the majority.

If the army high command is interested to see justice for the people in the name of democracy, then it should continue separating themselves from the political, social and economic aspects of Thai society. Some of their responses to the “Red Shirts” demand for democracy have encouraged PDRC to assume the army is supporting the overthrow of Government. We can only hope that the army will not enforce a coup d’etat as they did in 2006.

If PDRC believes in defending the Constitution and the civil liberty of all Thais then Mr. Suthep must obey the highest law of the land. His actions and hate speeches have further inflamed the confrontational attitude of the Thai people. Many fear that if they do not do something, the PDRC chief would engage in an extermination campaign or force them to leave the country.

Removing a legitimate, elected Government through coup d’etat or “judiciary coup” is not part of democratic process. These acts are separatist in nature, as it separates the human rights from the majority. That in itself is true separatism.


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