Will Thai court issue an arrest warrant for Suthep for 2010 Bangkok crackdown?

‎Thailand’s DSI will ask the criminal court to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Suthep Thuagsuban on multiple charges of murder during the 2010 demonstrations, says DSI chief Tharit Pengdit.

The DSI Director-General yesterday reported on the progress of the case of civilian deaths, saying department officers will on March 4 seek an arrest warrant from the Criminal Court for Mr. Suthep, former Deputy Prime Minister and Director of the Emergency Situation Management Center, for being involved in the deaths.

The arrest warrant will be secured to bring Mr. Suthep, who is also the PDRC chief, to hear the Attorney General Office’s charges, not for questioning. Mr. Suthep will not be allowed to post bail with officers, but can request bail from the court. In addition, the Center for Maintaining Peace and Order has instructed the DSI to issue summons for over 50 other PDRC leaders ordering them to appear to hear their charges within 10 days.

Mr. Tharit affirmed that the DSI was not just issuing summons for the two PDRC leaders who blew whistles at Khunying Pojaman, but for all of the PDRC leaders who broke the law.

To me it is against the principles of justice to allow a man accused of grave crimes to be roaming freely in Bangkok. ‎Mr. Suthep is using the “Bangkok Shutdown” as an excuse to avoid being prosecuted for his violation of human rights and the Rule of Law.

In 2010, nearly 100 killed and 2000 injured as a result of his orders to the army. The army crackdown also took civil liberty away from the people who came to Bangkok to peacefully demonstrate against the injustice of the army coup of 2006. After the coup the army established a junta to rule the country. National election was called in 2011 after severe international and local pressure, which saw Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra securing a landslide victory against the elite based Democrat Party.


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