A non-constructive Thai authority that believes in selective prosecution?

‎Activities by political groups in the northern region have been found to be nonconstructive and possibly illegal, said the Royal Thai Army.

According to Colonel Winthai Suwari, the Deputy Army Spokesperson, the Army Commander-in-Chief has instructed the 3rd Army to take legal action against people who behave illegally during political activities.

Those who are engaged in political activities have been urged to exercise caution to ensure that they do not break the law. Although political expression is a right under the Thai constitution, but expressing the desire to secede from the nation is outside the boundaries of the constitution.

Colonel Winthai added that seditious speeches delivered by Wutthipong “Ko Tee” Kotchathammakhun are being examined by authorities.

My challenge to the authority is why don’t the army investigate Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban’s neo-fascist group: People’s Democratic Reform Committee?

PDRC has broken the Rule of Law. Their leaders have spoken against the Constitution for the past four months. The anti-democracy group wants to overthrow a democratically-elected Government. Mr. Suthep’s mob, consisting of armed “guards” and ex-army/navy personnel, has threatened, physically assaulted, attacked with weapons and illegally detained people. They have also damaged public and private property.

So why have the army not taken any legal action against PDRC? If they wanted to take legal action then why is there a very long delay? Does it take 4 months to investigate when evidences are in abundance and for all to see?

Selective prosecution tantamount to uneven justice and corruption of principles. Public confidence will further decline if this continues.


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