No more street protests in Bangkok, unless it’s at Lumpini Park

‎PDRC chief and neo-fascist leader, Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban declared a shutdown to his “Bangkok Shutdown” street protests with the exception of one. The former Deputy Prime Minister, who is also facing a mass murder charge, has ordered his mob on Friday to regroup to the rally site in Lumpini Park.

Political analysts say that such a move is predicted because the mob has dwindled dramatically as his mainly middle class protesters had grown tired of Mr. Suthep’s failures to forcibly take over the country. He has failed to met many crucial deadlines, and Bangkok inhabitants have made massive economic losses due to the violent actions of PDRC mob.

Another factor is the financial feasibility of the prolonged protests. PDRC’s financial backers do not see the profitability of the anti democracy protests and as many have stated on social media, there is simply no money to fund the escalating cost of LCD, speakers, tents, transportation, communication and other expenses. The Democrat Party would have been brought to near financial ruin ‎if they continued with their funding.

PDRC depends completely on the financial support of Democrat-controlled corporations and influential tycoons. Every night PDRC would collect monies from their followers but this has been successfully to finance the extravagance of the neo-fascist endeavours.

Mr. Suthep failure to bring widespread terror to Thailand has created a lost of face and trust among his financial backers. The man who was investigated in the past for business corruption connected to his family estate in Surat Thani province ‎intends to focus on a more cost effective protest campaign. Lumpini is now the strategic location for the remaining groups to mobilise.

The sad state of disorder and the threats of PDRC insurrection have worked against Mr. Suthep and his hidden backers. It is safe to say, even the support from ex army officers has been reduced. Mr. Suthep may just push his political ambition onwards from Lumpini or he may resign with disgrace.


PDRC monk, Luang Pu Buddha Issara, is maintaining his position in front of the Government Complex and has ignored his chief’s call to shift to Lumpini Park. The monk, who has been called an extortionist, is believed to be entrenched in his location because of his ability to collect huge sums of money from pressured businesses.

Luang Pu Buddha Issara collecting extortion money from a hotel manager

Luang Pu Buddha Issara collecting extortion money from a hotel manager


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