Inviting Abhisit to resign from Thai politics

Former premier Abhisit Vejjajiva on Thursday said the ongoing political conflict has reached a stalemate and it can only be eased if caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra makes a retreat.

I for one don’t believe that to be true. It is easier for Mr. Abhisit to say that because he is one of the problems that prevents Thailand from its growth. Mr. Abhisit, who is facing mass murder chargers for his involvement in the killing of nearly 100 people in 2010, in is league with his former lieutenant, to remove democratic process via an insurrection campaign. PDRC has physically stopped voters from exercising their right to vote in the country’s national polls in February 2.

The problems faced by the majority of the Thai people lie partly on the shoulders of Mr. Abhisit.

I hereby invite Mr. Abhisit to resign from politics as that would without a doubt make the majority happy.


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