United Nations closely monitoring Thai political crisis

‎‎United Nations (UN) secretary-general Mr. Ban Ki-moon did have a telephone conversation with caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Surapong Tovichakchaikul to discuss Thailand’s political situation, UN spokesman Mr. Martin Nesirky said at a daily press briefing on Thursday.

Mr. Ban ‎is closely monitoring the political situation of Thailand.

The UN believes in the right to peaceful assembly as stated in the UN universal declaration of human rights. The right to vote and a democratically-elected Government is what UN would like to see in the country. ‎Many foreign Governments and advocates for liberty have shown support for democratic process and any attempts to dismantle such system would have serious consequences if PDRC achieves their aim to install an unelected council.

Legitimacy of Government depends on the freedom of Thais to elect their representatives into a transparent parliamentary system. PDRC chief Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban had better comply with the political norms to ensure problems are solved and the voices of the people are heard.

Democracy is simply defined as “rule by majority” and any radical attempts to remove the voices of the people will be seen as tyrannical.

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