Bangkok Governor’s Safety City Policy is a Sham

Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra assigned city law enforcement officials to tighten security measures and provide greater support to police to ensure the safety of residents of the capital and those in and near protest areas. According to MCOT, the Governor presided over a ceremony to provide moral support to municipal workers on duty at City Hall under the “safety city” policy. Almost 1,000 municipality employees attended the event.

The Governor has been criticized for his show of support for PDRC rallies in the past four months, where public utilities have been reserved and catered for the sole use of the neo-fascists and mob. Critics have accused him of favoring the Democrat Party-led protests against the Government compared to his blatant disregard of the “Red Shirt” demonstrators before the brutal crackdown of Bangkok in 2010. The Governor’s tendencies, which smells of cronyism, have revealed that he is unable to practice fairness especialy in light of his recent actions.


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