When we fear threats of Thai civil war but we forget the Deep South insurrection

‎Just this morning over breakfast a decisive chat with friends revealed interesting perceptions about the fears of “civil war” in Thailand. It was brought to my attention that such thoughts are not new in the country regardless of predictions of Thais in social media and the press.

Thailand has, and is still experiencing, a civil war in the Deep South. These provinces that share the border (or close proximity) with our ASEAN Partner, Malaysia. ‎For more than 10 years, the shooting, bombings and other acts of extreme violence has affected the very people that Bangkok inhabitants have said very little about.

It is not fair to say that just because of the PDRC’s intent to dismantle democracy that we are seeing the beginning of a civil war, as my friend sternly reminded me. She said that the insurrection in the Deep South is a true reflection of “civil war” compared to the mob rule in Thailand’s capital city. The heavy militarised situation in the south is also evidence of what the army and volunteer defence units are bravely fighting to defend our sovereign rights.

The point I make is that we forget, intentionally or subconsciously, that Thai citizens suffer at the hands of terrorists in the Deep South. PDRC is not the only threat to our way of life in a democratic system. While PDRC has managed to hold Bangkok for political ransom, we must not forget that “civil war” has been right under our noses, all this time.

We should not forget that more than 5k have died in the south. ‎We should remember that politicians from the Democrat Party in the south have blundered in their obligations. We must never give in to threats of insurrection and political conquest. We cannot unless we want to lose whatever is left of our democratic right in freely deciding on our future and peace.

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