Suthep demands conditional talk with Thai PM to solve crisis

‎Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban said at a PDRC rally site that he is ready to talk with Caretaker Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra but with strict conditions, of it being that the discussion had to be broadcasted live on all television channels.

Mr. Suthep’s offer was declined by Ms. Yingluck. She told reporters that she wants to ask Suthep whether he is ready to hold talks under the framework of the Constitution or not.

“Moreover is Khun Suthep ready to halt the protests so that the election can proceed according to the principles of democracy?” she asked.

PDRC’s chief, Mr. Suthep, has laid down strange conditions to the talks. It feels as if he wants a live broadcast of a debate rather than a sincere dialogue for peace. The intent for him to want to talk to Ms. Yingluck is based on his need for public attention and adoration.

Both sides must compromise and importantly comply with the rule of law to engage in ending the political crisis.

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