The New Bangkok looks like a War Zone

‎The new Bangkok is taking shape. Someone remarked in the wake of escalating protest-related violence, that Thailand’s capital city looks like a scene from the “Deep South” where insurrection caused by militants have placed the three provinces on high alert.

Maj Gen Wara Boonyasit, commander of the 1st Division, King’s Guard, announced that 117 military checkpoints will be set up to cover risk spots around anti-government (PDRC)y rally in Bangkok.

The extra 117 military security and surveillance checkpoints, in addition to the existing 29, will be set up around every rally site, parts of the city deemed vulnerable to violent attacks and crowded areas.

The army officer said soldiers will perform their duties to provide safety for all sides – the authorities, the general public and the protesters.

Routes for military patrols would be adjusted to suit each area and the frequency of patrols would be increased in an attempt to prevent and suppress violence as much as possible, Maj Gen Wara said.

Many of the assailants, who have not be apprehended, are unidentified but some who have been caught by the Royal Thai Police, such as the two detained on Wednesday were identified as members of the Navy. Speculation that many of the navy detained in the past were members of the special elite Thai “SEAL” unit. To this issue, I think this is not accurate.


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