Thai Election Commission Driven by Greed and Power

The Election Commission is taking action against official upcountry trips by caretaker Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, maintaining they jeopardise the “fairness” of the ongoing election.

Now what in the world is happening with Thailand’s EC?

First they prevent the Caretaker Government from releasing the payment for the rice farmers. The payments were already part of the Government’s rice-pledging scheme. By halting payment, the EC is seen as preventing the farmers from what they rightfully deserve, which is their income.

Then EC did not perform their work in some provinces before and during the election by resignations and refusal to do their work. They are bound by the Constitution but have instead work against the highest law of the country. Interestingly the members of EC’s leadership board is an appointed position and not in any way appointed by the Government. The background of their members are questionable as they fall prey to their deep resentment towards the Caretaker Government.

Now they want to investigate Ms. Yingluck? The EC’s selective attitude (and witch-hunt) reveals their contempt for democracy and that they are merely agents of either the Democrat Party or the neo-fascist group, People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), or both.

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