2 injured at Lumpini explosion

According to Thai news, the Erawan emergency medical centre reported ‎that 2 people were injured as a result from an explosion at the Lumpini Park rally site. The incident happened at 1am, Tuesday.

Rumours spreading in social media speaks of a turf war among the ‎protesters from the south provinces (also known as “Deep South”), sabotage and revenge tactics between rival factions.

At this time, there are no evidences that suggest the rumours to be accurate.

It is about time the Courts acknowledge the fact that PDRC guards are armed and dangerous. Last week’s verdict by the Court was disappointing. They declared that the PDRC mob was unarmed and peaceful, which is far from the truth.

Thais must have the right to assemble in public areas to express themselves as stipulated by the Constitution and the universal declaration of human rights. But the prime key word here is “peaceful”. People must be able to peacefully assemble and when the police are prevented from doing their job in arresting armed criminals what is the future of democracy in the country?


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