2 injured at Lumpini explosion

According to Thai news, the Erawan emergency medical centre reported ‎that 2 people were injured as a result from an explosion at the Lumpini Park rally site. The incident happened at 1am, Tuesday. Rumours spreading in social media speaks of a turf war among the ‎protesters from the south provinces (also known as “Deep South”), […]

Thai Election Commission Driven by Greed and Power

The Election Commission is taking action against official upcountry trips by caretaker Prime Minister Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, maintaining they jeopardise the “fairness” of the ongoing election. Now what in the world is happening with Thailand’s EC? First they prevent the Caretaker Government from releasing the payment for the rice farmers. The payments were already part […]

Unbecoming of a Thai Monk

Phra Buddha Issara is a Thai Buddhist monk of great political controversy. ‎This daring ambitious man reminds us of another another monk who flew around in a private jet sporting a branded handbag and is a fugitive on the run from the Thai law. Some Thai monks have grown either attached to their comfort with […]