Threats of Civil War in the Name of Peace?

The political crisis in Thailand, mostly disgruntled middle-class anti-government protesters from Bangkok and the south, has placed the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) against supporters of the Prime Minister from the rural north and northeast of the nation. Both sides have blamed the other, and a hidden third hand, for instigating and continuing the violence.

The violence in Bangkok has so far injured more than 730 people, including protesters and policemen. About 17 people have been killed in gunfire and grenade blasts linked to the demonstrators from within the ranks of PDRC.

The protests are the latest chapter in a political conflict that has gripped Thailand for eight years but some have blamed the growing fascism and right wing sentiments on the Democrat Party, led by Mr. Abhisit, who has failed to garner support from the majority in the past few national elections.

PDRC’s core leadership, which consist of mainly of former politicians of the Democrat Party and the “Yellow Shirt” movement, have repeatedly said that an unelected council must replace the system of governance in Thailand. They have rejected all democratic process and instead have promised “reforms” to replace the constitution where Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban would appoint officials to manage the proposed regime.

Mr. Suthep has already promised to destroy all traces of the Shinawatra family and want them to be forced out from the country. He believes that by eradicating the said family, there would then be peace and prosperity for Thailand’s 65 million people, under his rule.

Human rights activists have condemned Mr. Suthep’s hate speech and confrontations which many fear will spark a civil war.


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